Are you visiting Ohio for the first time and want to see what this great state has to offer? Do you have a special occasion coming up that is in need of something a little extra? Do you need to think of a gift for a friend or group and find yourself stumped? There are a million reasons to take to the sky in a hot air balloon. The least of which is that it is the most incredible experience that everybody needs to feel at least once in their lifetime. You may be asking yourself, why in Ohio? We are glad you asked.

On an enchanting balloon ride you will see so much of Ohio, why spend so much time on the ground, waiting in lines or doing the typical walking tour of downtown Columbus? Give us 2 hours and we will give you the experience of a lifetime and not bore you with useless facts.

Want to see the scenery? We have beautiful views of the countryside where you can marvel at the amazing farmlands and lakes. What about visiting O’Betty’s Red Hot! for their famous hotdogs? Well we’ve got you covered there too with a spectacular champagne toast to commemorate the trip. The best part about this incredible flight over the Buckeye State is that it takes a short amount of time and if you would like to see some o f the most unique sights you will still have time to do so. So you can take a flight over the incredible countryside at dawn and see the natural carnations in bloom and still have time to visit Paul Brown for a Bengals game. You could also choose to take a flight to mark a special occasion or even purpose in the afternoon with the golden sunset in the background and then later go to Pier W to share an intimate dinner. We also provide a special wedding package that allows you to go to your wedding at the famous Chateau Laroche then sail off into the sunset aboard one of our balloons after.

No matter your reason for your visit to Ohio, join us for the most memorable adventure you could have here aboard an amazing hot air balloon!


The geographical positioning of the great state of Ohio creates
the perfect atmospheric conditions for hot air balloon rides.

Uniquely situated in the midwest, Ohio is home to the third largest number of hot air balloon pilots in the United States. With such perfect conditions, it is no wonder there are so many pilots. In fact, Ohio is the proud host nine separate hot air balloon centric festivals throughout the calendar year. This speaks to the obvious interest that pilots and passengers alike have in the great activity of hot air balloon rides, specifically in Ohio. The topography of the state allows for pilots and passengers in a hot air balloon to see far across the state. Perhaps the best part about a hot air balloon ride is the time. A hot air balloon will climb to heights at an average of 2,000 feet above the ground. (pro-tip: ask your pilot if he is willing to go even higher, he may get you up to 10,000 feet!) Most rides last right around an hour. Meaning you and your party will see a wide array of the beautiful landscapes in a short period of time.

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There really is no better way to escape the bustle of everyday life than to climb above it all in a balloon.

It should be obvious by now that Ohio is a fantastic location for you to embark on a hot air balloon ride. The biggest reason being that Balloons Over Ohio is able to offer you with the utmost services and care before, during and after the journey. We take pride in providing customers with whatever you may be looking for. Our customer representatives are available at the push of a dial to answer any and all questions or concerns. We know guests are often newcomers to the world of hot air balloons, so whatever the question rest assured they will have the answers. We also employ some of the top pilots in the country. These men and women have been through the ringer in terms of preparation and experience. There is nothing you will experience on your ride that they haven’t seen before. The equipment they are charged with handling is of the best quality possible. Balloon Rides Over Ohio know how important it is to keep envelopes and baskets (more on that later!) clean and up to date. We take pride in being the best and having the best. There is no time like the present, so call today to book your hot air balloon experience!

Whatever you may be looking for, Balloon Rides Over Ohio is sure to be able to provide it!

That extends to special occasions as well as daily rides. We offer a bevy of appealing packages for weddings and proposals for those looking to make the day even more special. Groups large and small are no problem either as we are more than accommodating. Whatever special request you have cooked up, simply call our customer service agents--they have probably heard it before!

Romance is not the only reason to consider taking a hot air balloon. We offer services for groups large and small. Business outings are made all the better by the atmosphere and views provided by a hot air balloon ride. Even a daily meeting can be greatly enhanced. Who knows, maybe the fresh air will provide just the spark your company needs. At the very least you will be leaving your employees and coworkers with a day outside of the office. They will be sure to thank you for such a unique experience.

Family reunions and events are another reason many use as an excuse to go on a hot air balloon ride. There really is no better place to air out all of those pent up grievances than high above the ground. Better yet, let the wind blow away any semblance of disagreement. Your family won’t soon forget the incredible views offered by a hot air balloon ride.

Even if you don’t have a special occasion, there is always an excuse to go on a hot air balloon ride. The amazing views, relaxing effect, and lasting memories provide more than enough reasoning to book your ride today.


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Everybody knows the Wright Brothers story, but what about the first hot air balloons? You may be surprised at the stories and roles balloons have had in history.

While you are probably not an expert on the subject of hot air balloons, there is no reason to feel apprehensive. Humans have been taking to hot air balloon flights since 1783, long before the first aircraft took to the sky. Granted, Pilatre De Rozier was also worried about the success that his balloon would have. He was actually not the passenger on the maiden voyage, rather he decided to send a duck, a sheep and a balloon to the sky. The three lasted in the air for a full 15 minutes before crashing back to earth. No need to worry, the three pioneering animals were safe. Though it wasn’t until two months later that a human took to the sky.

On November 21, Pilatre de Rozier and the Marques d’Arlandes, a member of the French Military, took flight above the streets of Paris. Many important French and world diplomats were in attendance for this momentous occasion, Ben Franklin was one of them. The noted scientist and dignitary wrote of the scene:

"“We observed it lift off in the most majestic manner. When it reached around 250 feet in altitude, the intrepid voyagers lowered their hats to salute the spectators. We could not help feeling a certain mixture of awe and admiration."

The success of this flight was an incredibly noteworthy event across the globe. Rozier, however, was not satisfied. He wanted to test the limits of his balloons. On June 15, 1785, he attempted to fly clear across the English Channel. Unfortunately he would not make it as the balloon, filled with hydrogen and hot air, exploded. Pilatre De Rozier perished that day, but his successes lived on through the hot air balloon.

Two years later, the first hot air balloon was able to cross the English Channel. This feat was considered a large step at the time as it legitimized balloons as a safe means of travel. In 1793, the first flight took place in North America. George Washington is on hand to witness the site as Jean-Pierre Blanchard flew from Philadelphia to New Jersey. Perhaps this flight left a good impression on the United States Government.

During the Civil War hot air balloons played a critical role in reconnaissance. While both armies used observation balloons, the Union was able to employ them to their advantage much more successfully. An observation balloon would typically be floated to a great height behind the front lines, where an observer could locate distant enemy targets and relay their positions to artillery on the ground. This information proved critical in a number of battles. These observation balloons were utilized to an even larger extent in World War I.

By using the now popular radio technology, both armies were able to quickly relay information to the ground. With balloons becoming so popular, each side began developing strategies to take them down. The issue was that standard bullets were insufficient. The fabric was often too sparse, meaning the bullets would simply pass through without inflicting any sort of damage. Enemy aircraft, however, was incredibly successful at bringing down these observation balloons. Belgian pilot Willy Coppens brought down 35 himself! With aircrafts becoming more and more prevalent, observation balloons became nearly obsolete. World War I was the last time that hot air balloon technology was widely used on the battlefield.

The demilitarization of hot air balloons did not lead to them becoming less popular. Throughout the 20th century hot air balloons have become a hobby of many. As is the case with most activities, people have turned it into a competition. Height, speed, distance. Pilots have been trying to set and break records of all varieties.

In 1935 Captain Albert Stevens and Orvil Anderson set the altitude record. They piloted a helium gas balloon to the astounding height of 72,395 feet. That’s 13.7 miles in the air. It wasn’t until 1961 that this record was broken. Commander Malcolm Ross and Lt. Victor Prather of the U.S. Navy shattered the previous record by ascending a helium balloon to 113,739 feet. Unfortunately, this record flight ended in tragedy. When the balloon landed in the Gulf of Mexico, Lt. Prather was unable to stay afloat and perished.

The Ocean has proven to be another obstacle pilots look towards. In 1978 a balloon was able to cross the Atlantic for the first time. To do so pilots Ben Abruzzo, Larry Newman and Ron Clark had to keep the balloon in the air for a total of 137 hours. Only three years later, the same three pilots, plus Rocky Aoki, were able to cross the Pacific Ocean.

Since that first voyage over the streets of Paris, hot air balloons have undergone a number of improvements. Most of them, however, were in the name of safety. The shape of the envelope has largely remained the same. Even the wicker baskets are made of the same materials as those in the 18th century. The biggest innovations involve the burners. Obviously the technological advances over the past 200 plus years have allowed for higher burner performance as well as a steadier output. The lack of change makes balloon rides all the more enjoyable. The simplicity of the balloon itself makes leaving the worries of daily life on the ground is all the more simple. It is almost as if you’re stepping into a world long gone. At the whim of mother nature, time seems to inch by and relaxation reaches an all time high.

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